Dress_de_code is an on-going research, which aims to reveal mutually defined relationships between daily routines of dressing, wearing and undressing garments and the spaces these routines occur in.


A Chamber for dressing analyzes the domestic spaces we usually use for the ritual of dressing and undressing, the way these areas move or body and the aspect of their single/multi-functionality, I created a space suitable only for one function - getting dressed. The dimensions and the design of the structure are based on the specific bodily

movements I usually use to put on each particular garment.


“Dressing and undressing, storing clothes, having clothes lying around, have no reason to be part of any larger complex of activities. Indeed they disturb other activities: they are so self-contained that they themselves need concentrated space which has no other function.”

             C. Alexander, 'A Pattern Language'





Chamber for dressing

Chamber for dressing skinny jeans with some space for a final jump

Wall meant for putting a pullover

Platform for putting on and adjusting the shoes

Chamber with a mirror to reflect

Performing on the platform for putting on and adjusting the shoes